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Dr. Nancy McBride

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How do you know you are healthy?

    Recently I heard a reference to a healthy person having breast cancer.  This is the perfect OXYMORON.

    My question to all health conscious people is:

"What are you doing to monitor your HEALTH status"?

    We've all heard stories of people who go for a complete physical and die soon after of a coronary.  How does this happen and what could the person have done to have prevented this?

    Well, first of all we can't rely on how we feel and we can't rely just on blood work results such as Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL and LDL levels.

    Physical fitness encompasses more than how often, how fast and how far one can run on a treadmill.  A 24 hour urine collection and analysis can give you the answer to why you see pathologic changes in your blood work.  Could be your metabolism is inefficient.

   How do you know if the vitamins you are taking are good for your body or are they driving you into distortion since they are made from synthetic products which your body can't utilize because it is not food?

   With the Autonomic Response Testing Technique we are able to determine the body's priority area of dysfunction and allow the body to choose the nutrition it can best use for repair and correction.

    How are you able to withstand stress?  Relentless stress is dangerous.  This is the kind of stress that comes from having to deal long term with worry, unpleasantness, work overload, family burdens, loneliness, etc. 

   Do you have arguments with family members or co-workers?  Do you get angry too often and feel tightness in your stomach or abdomen?  Do you suffer from headaches?  Are your shoulder muscles tight? 

    Neuro Emotional Technique can help you unravel what's really behind your reactions, anxiety and inability to cope.  It's usually not coming from the present but being triggered in the present from something in the past.
   We all need a coach to monitor our present and carve out our future.  Many disease processes give us no warning such as high blood pressure.  Just because you don't sneeze doesn't mean you don't have allergies.  Many allergies affect primarily your digestive tract and hormone function.  Through our Allergy Elimination Procedure you can systematically remove allergies.
   To achieve what was thought to be impossible, one needs an unwavering determination and belief in one's own ability, in the technology that one will use, and in those who will help you attain your goal. 

   Combining superior technology with the artistry of Chiropractic,  our goal is to coach you to attain and retain the vibrant health you deserve.  Our techniques allow the body itself (which encompasses the brain) to tell us what you need, so that we may help you achieve the healthful mind and body that has been eluding you.

   You have only your good health at stake when you are uninformed.  Remember, forewarned is forearmed.