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Applied Kinesiology in Los Angeles

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Dr. Nancy McBride, DC, Applied Kinesiologist

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Applied kinesiology (AK) is an alternative therapy  - the therapy  unites chiropractic with traditional Chinese medicine (among other things).  Not only do they accept the notion of chi and the meridians of acupuncture, they posit a universal intelligence of a spiritual nature running through the nervous system.

Muscles reflect the flow of chi and that by measuring muscle resistance one can determine the health of bodily organs and nutritional deficiencies.

Applied Kinesiology has some formidable proponents, such as psychiatrist-cum-guru David Hawkins. He claims, among many other things, that he has proof  that Applied Kinesiology is a reliable "lie detector" and can be used to determine the truth or falsity of any statement. Hawkins also has developed a "scale of consciousness" and uses Applied Kinesiology to determine how "enlightened" a book or person who wrote the book might be.    

Applied Kinesiology is also a reliable way to determine a person's motives, health, and diseases. Like many other New Age gurus, Dr. Hawkins believes he has not only found a way to tap into the unconscious mind but that therein dwells an unlimited database full of amazing truths

Applied Kinesiology is an interdisciplinary approach to health care which draws together core elements of complementary therapies, creating a more unified approach to the diagnosis and treatment of functional illness.

Applied kinesiology, a system of neurological evaluation using muscle testing, gives the doctor a better picture of a patient's problem.

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